Nathan J. M. Laxague

Postdoctoral Scientist Columbia University, LDEO


My name is Nathan Laxague. I study physical processes at the air-sea interface as a postdoctoral research scientist at Columbia University’s Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory.

I am an observationalist; I make field and laboratory measurements and use them to explore the small-scale fluid mechanical interactions between the Earth’s atmosphere and oceans. My particular area of interest is in short-scale wind waves and their mediation of air-sea momentum, heat, and mass flux.

Presently, I'm part of an exciting project (called Ikaaġvik Sikukun) which approaches the topic of atmosphere-ice-ocean interaction in the Arctic by bridging scientific inquiry with traditional knowledge.

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Ph.D. in Applied Marine Physics, 2016 University of Miami

B.S. in Physics, 2011 University of Miami

  • Air-sea interaction physics

  • Boundary layer fluid mechanics

  • Geophysical turbulence

  • Ocean surface waves

  • Ocean surface currents

  • Ocean pollutant transport

Recent Publications


Laxague, N. J. M., Haus, B. K., Ortiz-Suslow, D. G., & Graber, H. C., 2018; Quantifying highly variable air-sea momentum flux using wavelet analysis. Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology, 35(9).

Laxague, N. J. M., Zappa, C. J., LeBel, D. A., & Banner, M. L., 2018; Spectral characteristics of gravity-capillary
waves, with connections to wave growth and microbreaking. Journal of Geophysical Research : Oceans, 123(7).

D’Asaro, E. A., Shcherbina, A. Y., Klymak, J. M., Molemaker, J., Novelli, G., Guigand, C. M., Haza, A. C., Haus, B. K.,
Ryan, E. H., Jacobs, G. A., Huntley, H. S., Laxague, N. J. M., Chen, S., Judt, F., McWilliams, J. C., Barkan, R., Kirwan,
A. D., Poje, A. C., & Özgökmen, T. M., 2018; Ocean convergence and the dispersion of flotsam. Proceedings of the
National Academy of Sciences, page 201718453.

Laxague, N. J. M., Özgökmen, T. M., Haus, B. K., Novelli, G., Shcherbina, A. Y., Sutherland, P., Guigand, C. M., Lund,
B., Mehta, S., Alday, M., & Molemaker, J., 2018; Observations of Near-Surface Current Shear Help Describe Oceanic
Oil and Plastic Transport. Geophysical Research Letters, 45(1).

Laxague, N. J. M., Haus, B. K., Ortiz-Suslow, D. G., Smith, C. J., Novelli, G., Dai, H., Özgökmen, T. M., & Graber, H. C.,
2017; Passive optical sensing of the near-surface wind-driven current profile. Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic
Technology, 34(5):1097–1111.

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Novel in situ observations of ocean surface waves as small as millimeters in wavelength. [LINK]


Observing currents in the upper few centimeters of the ocean. [LINK]


Measuring the momentum imparted to the water surface by wind gusts. [LINK]

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