Nathan j. m. laxague

Postdoctoral Research Scientist LDEO, Columbia University



My name is Nathan Laxague. I study physical processes at the air-sea interface as a postdoctoral research scientist at Columbia University’s Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory. 
I am an observationalist; I make field and laboratory measurements and use them to explore the small-scale fluid mechanical interactions between the Earth’s atmosphere and oceans. My particular area of interest is in short-scale wind waves and their mediation of air-sea momentum, heat, and mass flux. 
Presently, I'm part of an exciting project (called Ikaaġvik Sikukun) which approaches the topic of atmosphere-ice-ocean interaction in the Arctic by bridging scientific inquiry with traditional knowledge. 



  • Air-sea interaction physics

  • Boundary layer fluid mechanics

  • Geophysical turbulence

  • Ocean surface waves

  • Ocean surface currents

  • Ocean pollutant transport

Postdoctoral research scientist ocean and climate physics, 2017 - Columbia University, LDEO

Ph.D. Applied Marine Physics, 2012 - 2016 University of Miami, RSMAS

B.S. physics, 2007-2011 University of Miami


Recent Research


Development of non-stationary signal analysis techniques for studying the wind stress applied to the water surface by individual eddies. Paper here.

a, turbulent eddy scale; color indicates spectral covariance. b, wind stress time series.


Investigating the physical characteristics of short-scale ocean waves. Paper here.

Figure represents effect of raindrop impacting ocean surface (consecutive frames a-f separated by 1/15 s). Gray level indicates along-look water surface slope.


Observing the current profile in the uppermost layer of the ocean. Technique paper here. Results paper here.

Figure shows example oceanic near-surface current profile, obtained using multiple sensors/techniques. Currents obtained between 1 cm - 10 m depth.


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